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Taashee Linux Services, based in India, provides expert high-end technology solutions to mid-to large-scale businesses. With decades of collective experience, Taashee takes on the most innovative IT developments, including virtualization, clustering, cloud computing, monitoring, and security. Taashee also supports one-button deploys of Big Data Technologies.

Companies often solve new and often complex IT re-engineering initiatives in one of two traditional ways: A) build relevant skill sets internally and wait for employees to deliver, which is time consuming and can misdirect companies away from their original needs, or B) overspend on a high-priced and inflexible heavyweight IT giant. Trends show hiring a quick, focused, and effective consulting team is the most successful and economically sound approach to IT conversions. Companies that hire IT specialists typically recoup their investment within months. Taashee brings high-skills to the table. Moreover, Taashee is capable of addressing complexity without lowering the value preposition.

State-of-the-art Services

State-of-the-art Services

Taashee’s services are vast yet maintain a leading edge in an ever-changing IT industry. Moreover, Taashee’s extensive knowledgebase provides the flexibility to create unique solutions for its clients.

Taashee builds small businesses and large organizations’ bottom lines with new IT innovations. To stay abreast of the newest products available, Taashee researches and simulates a variety of complex environments before these technologies appear on their clients’ radar screens. Taashee builds and maintains technical expertise for platform, middleware, virtualization, cloud, and data grids. Furthermore, Taashee has a propensity towards industrial-strength, open source technologies and backs these low-cost solutions with leading proprietary technologies.

TSince Taashee understands implementing a solution is one thing while managing new technologies is quite another, Taashee provides support to its valued customers through a 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC). Instead of providing a universal phone number and greeting customers with a recorded message, Taashee offers its customers direct access numbers so they can contact the specific group managing their accounts. In addition, Taashee provides an escalation plan and remains in complete sync with its customers’ environments. In short, Taashee works as its clients’ own extension....

State-of-the-art Services