Ansible Consulting


Automation Anywhere, the most powerful automation platform offering the industry’s most sophisticated RPA architecture, possesses a robust Digital Workplace Platform upon which business processes are automated. The San Jose-based bot-building technology firm offers scalability and security to organizations with the minimization of human errors and automation of repetitive tasks.

Taashee Linux Services is the Silver Partner for Automation Anywhere (AA) focusing upon the advanced features such as Cognitive Analytics and Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence (RPAAI) aimed to serve its customers to enhance organizational productivity and automate business processes.

Why Taashee?

At Taashee, we have a proven approach based upon which our customers are provided with best services resulting in enhanced quality and reduced cost.

• CoE

Having set up a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) to subject TaskBots and MetaBots to complex working conditions exemplifying typical scenarios, Taashee has come a long way as far as RPA is considered. Through the CoE, we intend to:
BUILD POCs that address client issues in real-time
DEFINE industry-best methodologies to implement RPA

• Subject Matter Expertise

Collaborating with skilled engineers, RPA experts, and other professionals represent Taashee in the top league. By incubating standard implementation procedures, we aim to resolve customer issues successfully after:
Simplifying data structure handling
Transforming bots into workflows

Industries We Serve

Taashee Linux Services enables organizations to experience Digital Transformation with the deployment of complete suite of AA features into their production environments.

  • Modify customer info in CRM
  • Prepare & process statements
  • Streamline day-to-day operations
  • Control manual errors
  • Delivery customer-specific solutions
  • Fix processes due to the lack of digitization