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A Comparison of Different CRMs with Major Features Included

Determining the exact CRM to be chosen for an organization is a huge task cutover. Given below is a detailed comparison of major CRMs available in the market.It helps organizations in taking a better decision as to which CRM must be considered for their sales-specific activities besides business growth and customer satisfaction.


Managing contacts of the sales department is not easy for any organization no matter how big or small. It is not strange to notice that numerous ways of Contact Management have been employed in the past few decades, but none proved to be worthy enough. Relying upon Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Gmail for Contact Storage served the purpose to a certain extent. Let us look at the scenario below that why Contact Management is so important in organizations these days.


Mr. Jones works as a Sales Manager in a reputed organization. As a person who is responsible for taking final decision right from contact initiation to deal closure, Jones was banking heavily upon Microsoft Excel for managing his contacts. However, it could not suffice his requirements exactly the way he wanted because of some limitations and lack of advanced features.

Questions Left Unanswered:

  • How good it would have been if there was a means to handle all the contacts simultaneously?
  • Wouldn't it be effective enough if all the contacts have been tracked on time for successful deal closures?
  • Why cannot the contacts allow in creating new opportunities from right on the spot?

CRMs Comparison Table

Feature/CRM iOrbit 360TM Netsuite Salesforce SAP Zoho CRM
Workflow Automation Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Email Integration Yes No Yes Yes Yes
24-Hour Support Yes No No Yes Yes
Custom Reports Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Lead Capturing from Websites No Yes Yes No Yes
Available APIs Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Taxation Module Yes No No No No
Short Code IDs for Long SKUs Yes No No No No

A detailed comparison of major features offered by top CRMs

Introduction to CRMs

Making way for a software application that deals with all your contacts such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product will help in addressing issues related to the scenario discussed above.

Features of a CRM:

Contact Management-It helps in maintaining detailed thread of records for every contact containing every interaction in addition to your relationship with them.

Opportunity Management-It lets you create new opportunities directly besides convert existing clients into long-term prospects by ensuring that they subscribe to new products and services.

Team Collaboration- It allows your team to collaborate effectively and increase productivity with a major boost in sales.

The best sales CRM is not the one that is complete with all the advanced features, but one that is capable of binding all your organizational activities with respect to Sales, Marketing, Operations, and more leading towards sustained growth.

Features of iOrbit 360TM

Here are the notable features of iOrbit 360TM that differentiates it from other CRMs.

Short code IDs for long SKUs-It helps to generate shortest possible code for identifying long product SKUs resulting in faster quote generation with accuracy.

Revision Management for Quotes-It tracks down the percentage of discounts or amount of changes reflecting upon the products / services right from first quote to last one.

Ease Integration & Transparency-Unlike other products, iOrbit 360TM gives you an option to have complete access of your DB. This way you can run your own reporting/analytical tools or utilize data as ingestion feed for some other application.

Granular Contact Management-How often you have dealt with MNCs having multiple offices in same country or large organizations having multiple branches in the same country? There is often a need to know that how much each branch of an organization contributing in your business revenues. iOrbit allows to create companies, having multiple branches and associating persons to branches. This is a more granular picture evolving out giving very useful information to plan out your strategic moves.

Accounts Module-Making sale is one thing but tracking your payments can be a much bigger challenge. Often a "closed" sale gets lost in commotion and the delays in payment can seriously impact working capital and finances in general. This feature allows the Accounts team to check out the status of each sale post closure of it. It sends programmed alerts to customer and internal team and also escalates it to Department heads once the conferrable time is elapsed.

Reporting-Detailed built-in reporting in iOrbit is very useful but if deeper analysis is required a notional add-on of Qlik Sense can be requested that gives you extreme insights in every area.

Factors influencing the Purchase of CRMs


One factor that is often overlooked when purchasing a CRM for the organization's internal sales needs is the price factor. It is a common practice for almost every CRM including Zoho, Bitrix 24, and Apptivo to fix price based upon the features provided. Hence, it is necessary to check all the features that matches closely with your organization's sales activities. Creating a mobile interface is a necessity and is considered as an add-on. But, is that a necessity for organizations too? Remember that such add-ons increase the price and will be a burden in case there is no real use of it. Subscribing to the FREE evaluation period of any CRM before purchasing it is the least thing that one must consider.

With the changing times, the way in which a CRM is anticipated and implemented has changed as well. If a cloud-based CRM helps you avoid unnecessary costs such as deploying a dedicated server, then you have Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that makes on-premise deployment easier. Extracting your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is another useful feature that can be looked into a CRM.


Just because a CRM is available for a cheaper price doesn't mean that you compromise with the ease of use. Imagine a wrong error message displayed even though the functionality is right. Or, even worse, an error message not displayed on time even if there is a major error. Intuitive mechanism inducted in a CRM must function perfectly. Also, you need instant support in case the CRM fails to work at times. The focus should be upon documentation, Help files, FAQs, Training Videos and more besides 24x7 Online Support.

Accessibility and Security

A CRM that sets a diversified platform to contact your customers in multiple ways, both conventional and modern, has to be given first preference. Remember that even in these days of technologically advanced environments, there are still customers who prefer contacting and closing leads through emails. Also, it is possible to exchange maximum information with file attachments through emails, which is not possible through social media channels.

Meanwhile, the ease offered by smartphones too cannot be ignored which is why mobile integration has taken the front seat in recent times. It all depends upon the kind of application you maintain and the extent to which a mobile app is useful.

Security offered by the CRM is another critical factor in choosing it. It would lead to chaotic situations in case the application fails to apply specific user controls that you define. Integrating with a third-party IT security system to ensure Identity Management is successfully implemented too has to be taken into account.

Reports & Analytics

How many Sales leads you have successfully closed in the current fiscal year? Or, how many Sales leads remain in order to achieve the target? Getting detailed reports on a timely basis will help you in addressing such questions effectively. Customized reports are now available instantly and flexibly because a CRM could be integrated with a Business Intelligence (BI) tool. The end result will be much more satisfying as it allows in completing tasks such as converting the PDF documents into live data visualizations.


Every CRM has got its own features and limitations. The one you choose depends upon the factor that how closely it matches with your requirements. Organizations must put optimum emphasis upon business growth and customer base ahead of its biased pursuits.