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End User Computing

Taashee delivers the entire stack of end user computing products as a solution to its customer from different Open Source and Proprietary product segments. Some of the key end user computing solutions are as below:

Desktop Virtaulization

  • Using Red Hat Technologies:Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops is a virtual desktop solution that provides the benefits of virtual desktops such as centralized management, maintenance, and policy enforcement, while eliminating the drawbacks of existing solutions. This is a fully integrated component of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, a comprehensive and highly scalable platform for both virtual servers and virtual desktops. With Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops, end users experience no difference relative to working on a physical desktop. Graphics intensive applications, multimedia applications like softphones (ip phone clients), and video conferencing all work as they do today on physical desktops. From IT perspective, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops is easy to set up, manage, and scale.
    Products: RHEV, KVM, XEN
  • Using Vmware Technologies:The VMware Desktop Virtualization Strategy Assessment Service can start your desktop virtualization initiative on the right track by helping you understand the changes brought about by desktop virtualization so you can prepare for and proactively manage the successful adoption of this technology.
    Products: VMware view, VMware horizon view, VMware horizon mirage & more

Application Virtaulization

Taashee helps companies to virtualize there application and speed up time to market with application virtualization. It is software technology that encapsulates application software from the various operating systems on which it is executed.

VMware ThinApp:

ThinApp is an agentless application virtualization solution that decouples applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline application delivery and management.

  • Eliminate additional infrastructure investments in server hardware or software
  • Deliver virtualized applications using existing management software delivery processes

Benefits of application:

Allows applications to run in environments that do not suit the native application i.e. Wine allows some Microsoft Windows applications to run on Linux and CDE, a lightweight application virtualization, allows Linux applications to run in a distribution agnostic way.

  • May protect the operating system and other applications from poorly written or buggy code and in some cases provide memory protection and IDE style debugging features.
  • Uses fewer resources than a separate virtual machine.
  • Improved security, by isolating applications from the operating system.
  • Allows applications to be copied to portable media and then imported to client computers without need of installing them, so called Portable software.

Image and backup management:

Taashee experts know image and backup management for storage & application using Acronis backup and recovery tool.Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 makes backup and disaster recovery a reality even for small business. It provides backup and disaster recovery for individual laptops, desktops or servers and is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, with no or limited IT personnel.


Fast and easy backup: Image backup, or snapshot, of entire system in a few clicks with bare-metal and individual files recovery support.

Application support: Backup and recover Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle and other application servers.

Any hardware recovery: An image can be recovered to a bare metal in minutes; and with Acronis Universal Restore, even to dissimilar hardware.

Cloud storage: Protect from large disasters, such as flood or fire, by storing copy of your backups in a cloud.

Vmware mirage

With VMware Mirage, IT can centrally manage physical desktops and laptops remotely while their end users continue to leverage all of the local power of those devices. When IT has all of these endpoints centralized, they can perform remote disaster recovery, hardware refreshes, Windows 7 migrations, and single image management. Mirage offers the benefits of centralization and VDI manageability coupled with the power of local execution and persistent end-user personalization.