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Alfresco Content Service

Alfresco Content Services 5.2: Manage Your Files and Sites Better

Alfresco One is now Alfresco Content Services. In fact, the latest version 5.2 promises a lot to offer in terms of content management. By making use of your Alfresco Share web app, it is possible to make a lot of changes whether you are a user, admin or developer.

Alfresco Content Services allow you to Drag and Drop any folder in your computer right into the document library through Alfresco Share. Imagine the flexibility experienced when all your files and sub-folders too are copied as well completing a hierarchal structure of content.

Alfresco Content Service

However, the only constraint is that just select versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers allow you to perform this activity. Here's a snapshot of how it all looks like.

Alfresco Content Service
Delete Site with Restore option

As an Alfresco Site Manager, you have the comfort of deleting a site along with its content in case you no longer require it. Remember that the deleted sites will be stored in Trashcan in case you would like to restore it later.

Alfresco Content Service

Another way of deleting sites is through Site Finder option. More activities that you can perform using Alfresco Content Services 5.2 are as listed below.

Automatic highlighting of your search terms

  • Choose the site homepage
  • Moderate the site to approve user requests