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Enterprise Application Integration, Development & Customization

Software Integration

A lot of large size government and non government organization requires application like document and content management system which not only help them in storing their documents but also help them in integrating their newer application with native applications such as erp, crm, scm etc.

Taashee as an organization can help their customers in delivering end to end solutions right form the platform selection to the application integration, some of the examples are as below:

  • Content and Document Management System using the entire stack such as Alfresco, Jboss, PostgreSQL and Linux
  • Integrating Native Application with Alfresco
  • Portal Integration using Liferay and Red Hat Portal Platform
  • Integrating rule engine in your existing application using Red Hat BRMS
  • Integrating Jasper Reports with Native Application to achieve BI Analysis
  • Migrating EJB Code form older to newer versions
  • Porting 32 bit application in 64 bit Application
  • Others

Software Development

Taashee Software Development Center helps organizations that require increased developer productivity, higher quality applications, and lower maintenance costs. Taashee programmers specialize in cutting-edge, Java-based frameworks, such as Spring and Business Rule Management System (BRMS). BRMS ensures Taashee clients gain more control over decision logic, which leads to better compliance and improved business management. Effective decision automation provides Taashee customers with a dynamic framework in which to easily change business applications, as per market requirements, without recoding, testing or redeploying.

Additionally, Taashee programmers supply customers with JBPM, an open-source workflow engine that takes graphical process descriptions as input. This business process management solution allows Taashee customers to automate tasks such as claim processing and record updates. Moreover, Taashee software developers rely on the enterprise service bus (ESB) model to designing and implement communication between mutual software applications. This offers more agile and flexibility interaction between applications.

Taashee expert programmers enhance existing systems, as well as perform seamless migrations to upgraded architectures. Taashee experts perform comprehensive system evaluations to determine whether businesses will benefit from more accessible testing, simplified interfaces, improved metadata management, and less problematic code-generating architectures. In many instances, migrating to a new version of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) or JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) makes good business sense, providing excellent ROI.

Taashee experts are also versed in Java Message Service, Web services engines JAX-WS and JAX-RS, Java Management Extensions, and Enterprise Archive (EAR) file support. With these established proficiencies, Taashee performs smooth migrations from Tomcat to JBoss AS cluster formats. Taashee thorough assessments determine if clients will benefit from scalability, high-availability (HA), and pluggable architectures.