Bright Computing
Bright Computing

Manage Linux Clusters Effortlessly in Data Center or in Cloud


Workload balancing is one of the major criteria that enterprises look forward to when it comes to managing computer resources better. Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Bright Computing to offer myriad services with respect to the eventual goal of maintaining a dynamic data center.

Why Taashee?

Taashee's partnership with Bright Computing allow organizations to experience huge rewards with respect to productivity, scalability, quality, and security.

Taashee brings Business Agility with Bright HPC

Our network engineers ensure that faster computing capacity is delivered to you always. Also, we take care of workload fluctuations with servers repurposed to offer you the best value always.

Taashee offers Powerful Management for Cluster Scalability

We take care of your issues related to clustering as we are capable of managing your infrastructure and environments leading towards reduced complexities.

Bright Computing proves to be the ultimate option available when it comes to the management of HPC systems for organizations from various domains. Taashee is capable of implementing the best solutions backed up with infrastructure management technology through the flagship products of Bright Computing as detailed below.

Bright Cluster Manager

Effective monitoring of clusters besides ready deployment is possible through the advanced cluster management solutions available from Bright Cluster Manager for HPC. The product facilitates system administrators and infrastructure engineers to maintain HPC clusters in a reliable manner.

At Taashee, our engineers possess solid grip upon the entire clustering implementation resulting in enhanced scalability besides ready deployment and advanced monitoring features.

Bright OpenStack

OpenStack-based private cloud infrastructure management is what Bright OpenStack is all about. It allows organizations to manage, monitor, and deploy OpenStack environments successfully by overcoming the issue of interdependency in a successful way. Easy deployment and effective management of OpenStack is best possible with Bright Computing for OpenStack.

We ensure that elasticity is achieved with proper resource allocation in a dynamic fashion. Also, the aspect of achieving resource optimization with Bright Computing leads to more productivity.