Successful software delivery from Taashee Linux Services entitles to the effective integration of technologies and timely coordination between Development and Operations. We have developed a robust DevOps framework modeled on those lines, which delivers software quickly besides maintaining security, efficiency, and quality.

Our Strategy

At Taashee, we make use of diverse range of tools aimed exclusively at software development. Our expertise in making use of numerous of them such as Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible and Chef comes in handy for us to serve any client in urgent need of software.


Puppet is an open source tool for configuration management. By making use of it, the processes of deploying, and configuring servers become highly simplified. Our developers are highly flexible and are well-versed with Puppet as it supports both Linux and Windows operating environments.


Taashee lets you to automate your IT infrastructure effectively with Chef. Our experts are specialized in testing your configuration on local machines. The biggest advantage you get is the same development methodology is used for development and production as well.


Ansible is one of the best tools available around when it comes to simplifying your IT infrastructure. At Taashee, we ensure Continuous Delivery besides supporting Application Deployment even under mission critical situations.