Taashee Linux Services has come together with Forcepoint forming a strong partnership to provide integrated security solutions in terms of web, email and data. Backed by real-time intelligence, Forcepoint makes a huge difference to you with an intuitive understanding about human tendencies and behaviors.

Forcepoint Solutions from Taashee

Taashee provides a wide range of Cloud, Security, and Data solutions by associating with Forcepoint.

• Data Security

Identifies dubious activities on your computer with complete visualization. Additionally, it notifies about the potential risks based upon the human activities.

• Cloud Protection

Provides optimum cloud security for data centers besides maintains optimum fault tolerance by managing the infrastructure and resources of an organization extremely well.

Taashee Linux Services possesses a detailed understanding of common industry threats with respect to information security and data protection. Please reach to us at in case you are looking for ideal products and services to keep your business secure.