Taashee Linux Services has partnered with MapR Technologies to implement solutions for its customers based upon the Converged Data Platform. It noticeably provides vital features such as Data Management and Data Protection besides associating with container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes.

Managing all types of data using a single platform is not an easy task to accomplish. Taashee's partnership with MapR helps in achieving the same spread across every cloud.

Resolve your issues with Big Data

Taashee implements useful solutions that helps you in overcoming complex tasks such as Big Data management.

• Data Fabric

MapR creates an Edge-to-Cloud Data Fabric with which it is possible to eliminate all your data silos successfully. Our engineers at Taashee are specialized in MapR, Kubernetes, Hadoop and other technologies such that you can unify your data in a customer-centric fashion.


Our approach towards creating ML models with MapR results in rich insights because of the availability of data access securely and directly. Better decision making results allowing your business to grow successfully.

Should you need to manage data lakes securely, and create insightful results with MapR, please reach us at: