Data discovery holds prominence in these days of rapid technology advancement. At the same time, the analysis and prediction of data helps in better decision making and effective risk mitigation. However, there needs to be a comprehensive approach capable of addressing issues related to the above concepts. Machine Language / Artificial Language (ML/AI) results in the effective use of data offering better data-driven insights. Taashee Linux Services maintains a team of dedicated cloud experts and infrastructure engineers known to offer the best possible solutions during such scenarios.

At Taashee, our professionals are adept in applying machine language to various other aspects such as data cleansing, and data discovery. Our ML-enabled strategies are ideal for visualizing data besides focusing upon predictive analytics.

Amazon AI Services

Taashee Linux Services implements an exhaustive range of Amazon AI services aimed at realizing better customer experience. With the availability of numerous flexibilities such as 'Pay as you go' model and API-driven services, we let you gain optimum business advantage withstanding stiffer challenges from your competitors.

Azure AI Services

Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer advanced AI services with security. Our contribution towards next-gen application development is to guide developers with all the processes of cloud. It results in enhancing productivity besides dynamic solutions.

Torch ML

Scientific computing has been the buzzword for quite some time now. At Taashee, we rely upon an open source framework like Torch ML to custom implement hardware in order to experience better data flows. Hence, our applications are highly compatible with Android as well as iOS.