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Taashee Linux Services takes part as an Exhibition Sponsor in VeeamON event, the Premier Forum for Intelligent Data Management

Hyderabad, IN, September 12, 2018 - Taashee Linux Services, the Indian technology boutique, participates in the Indian leg of VeeamON event at The LaLit in Mumbai on September 6, 2018.

  • Bhanu Prakash Numbi, the only Veeam Certified Engineer V 9.x in India represents Taashee
  • VeeamON opening note began with Veeam India MD Sandeep Bhambure explaining about how data management is handled by Veeam; continued by Mr. Shaun McLagan, Senior VP, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Taashee Linux Services ushered a list of prestigious clients to Veeam products and services as soon as the event began. In fact, the list of attendees were not just from Mumbai but from rest of India as well who made their presence felt for sure because of the wide reputation and huge scope of the event.

For the record, the VeeamON event was sponsored by CISCO (Platinum Plus Sponsor), NetApp - Redington - Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Intel - Nutanix (Platinum Sponsors), and Hitachi - TechData (Gold Sponsors) Taashee (Exhibitor Sponsors).

Being one of the industry's leading providers of enterprise-class backup and storage solutions, Taashee managed to display Veeam's features such as Intelligent Data Management for Hyper-Availability, Backup & Replication for cloud-based workloads and many more successfully. More specifically, the company showcased the product features and offered more insights during the VeeamON Mumbai conference.

Taashee's exhibition at the conference coincides with the recent developments in the organization about increased focus upon the Veeam Availability Platform. Considering the fact that the event was announced officially few months back, it lived true to its expectations by serving as a platform for customers allowing them to manage VMware vSphere workloads be it on-premise or cloud-centric.

The VeeamON forum addressed growing challenges for customers with respect to Data Backup and Data Replication as an increasing number of apps, devices and connected devices are known to generate huge volumes of data across multiple data centers and clouds.

Taashee stressed upon Intelligent Data Management (IDM), a concept pioneered by Veeam in the due course of time as the event progressed. Customers were able to gain realistic insights about data that why data has to be active, intelligent and, most importantly, Always-On in tandem with today's towering business demands.

Hyper-Availability from Veeam has been already reckoned as the new state of intelligence, because the data involved is capable of:

  • Delivering actionable insights to ensure businesses increase their productivity
  • Innovating faster to offer latest and advanced digital services that improve our lifestyle

VeeamON event is a unique platform representing Hyper-Availability for all those customers looking for Always-On. My personal interaction with CIOs from as far as Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai has ended on a positive note with most of them showing their earnest interest in installing Veeam. All in all, it is a day, which makes you to change your backup strategy for Hyper-Availability.
- Bhanu Prakash Numbi, Veeam Certified Engineer, Taashee Linux Services