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Overcoming Business Complexities with Pre-emptive Monitoring

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Why Partner with Taashee?

Taashee Linux Services specializes in monitoring solutions for critical IT environments. By deploying an open source monitoring tool like OP5, it is possible to implement Managed Services in a much better way besides an entire range of monitoring solutions made available for servers, networks, infrastructure, log servers and more.


Modern organizations need to monitor their IT infrastructures in order to maintain Business Continuity on a long-term basis. The availability of OP5 to monitor servers and networks alike, which is considered as a result of support project for Nagios, will result in enterprises saving more and increasing value.

Why Taashee?

Taashee has partnered with OP5 in order to provide enterprise-ready monitoring solutions that are commercially accepted as well. Our team of experienced infrastructure engineers are capable of resolving complex issues related to monitoring, especially when under production.

Our Specialties

Effective Implementation of Business Service Management

At Taashee, we understand the requirements of our customers very well. Hence, we are able to form the perfect sync between key business services and typical IT environments.

Insightful Approach with Complete Network Visualization

Taashee engineers with OP5 implemented are capable of offering multiple benefits in an uncompromising fashion with details of reporting in graphs and objects.

Network Analysis with Performance Monitoring

OP5 offers the unique feature of monitoring all the devices connected within your network. This network analysis will help in improving the performance of thousands of servers effectively.