Rubrik Consulting

Software Converged Data Management with Infinite Scalability

Faster Backups | Simplified Recoveries | Automatic Scheduling

Why Partner with Taashee?

Organizations incur more expenses when it comes to backups as they tend to choose a separate software to complete data backup and restoration. Taashee takes care of such silos by opting for a simplified approach using Rubrik for all your data backup needs and restoration.


Opting for a converged data management platform will offer numerous benefits in the long run. First of all, it simplifies the process in which data backups are taken and data recoveries are implemented.

Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Rubrik to offer top-class data backup solutions in an integrated environment. With the additional feature of automatic scheduling, it results in increased simplification of regular backup activities carried out besides timely restorations.

What We Do?

Taashee's association with Rubrik introduces to a different world of data management without resulting in data losses or corrupt information.

UI Intuitive Dashboard - We Implement Rubrik for Overall Data Management

Rubrik dashboard is one of its kind offering unique features such as quick views of activities performed. It shows advanced details such as health checks and activity record in detail.

Simple Pricing Structure - We Bring Down Your Data Management Expenses

Rubrik pricing is unlike other regular backup and restoration service providers. With Rubrik as a service made available cost-effectively, you get more value for the money spent.